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These Electric Guitars Cost A Minimum Of $1 Million Dollars Each

Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian May-- together with dozens of other popular guitar players-- all signed Connect Asia for a charity event. Originally, the historic guitar was purchased for a cool $1,000,000 by Qatar's royal household.

However then, apparently the royal household didn't like it, or maybe they were feeling generous-- at any rate, they donated the piece back, and it was auctioned later on at the $2,700,000 price point to a confidential bidder.

Here's the ultimate question: Would you rather have near $3 million, or would you rather have this historical guitar? It's a hard choice. We believe we would take the best p90 pickup, since we could make millions carrying out with it, anyways ... right?

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Richards originally purchased his Keith Richards' Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard as an utilized guitar. And in general, it's a fairly low-cost Gibson-- you much better think that Richards updated as soon as he meetinged fame.

However this is one of the only guitars he had from prior to his fame, and as such, it was valuable because regard. It sold for $1,000,000-- we actually hope that the buyer a minimum of attempted to play on it, though we may have to resign to that it's most likely utilized as absolutely nothing more than a piece of art work on a wall.


Well, it wasn't rather $1,000,000. It was $959,000, and it was sold at a charity auction to a confidential bidder. Reality be told, the design wasn't that amazing (at least to us), but hey, Clapton used it, Clapton signed it, and Clapton plainly thought it looked great-- so perhaps our tastes are wrong, and his tastes are right.

Eric Clapton has sold a couple of more of his guitars at incredible rates, like the Brownie Stratocaster for $497,500. Which was in 1999, so that cost would have been even greater today-- however once again Clapton contributed everything to charity-- just as he does for every one of his guitar actions. (Exactly what an excellent individual, huh?).


Have you become aware of the Newport Folk Celebration that took place in 1965? It is arguably the most well-known show in rock-and-roll history, and in 2016, it's considered something of a historical occasion, both in rock culture and the outside world.

This performance was the first time Dylan had actually performed with an electrical support band. Before, he sounded good, however with proper accompaniment, it was legendary. The guitar he used was the Stratocaster, and using it at that guitar brought the price method up.


Now this is a guitar we might see someone paying huge bucks for.

It was the last guitar that Jerry Garcia ever played-- he's that person from the Grateful Dead, in case it somehow slipped your mind-- and it was really made just for him with a completely special design. Nobody else has a guitar like this, and Jerry used it-- enough said.

The buyer paid $957,500 for Jerry's last publicly-used guitar. We want to think that today, the buyer is playing Ripple or Truckin in the mansion of his living space, pretending that he is continuing the heritage. (Probably not, but it's nice to dream).


This was Jerry's first tailored guitar, and it actually came before the Tiger (although the Tiger did sell for more). Originally, Jerry bought this one when he was playing gigs, but at a time when he wasn't that popular. As such, there was little personalization and a $1,500 price tag-- a terrific guitar, however not near to $1,000,000.

Much of the value of this guitar comes from Jerry being associated with it-- take a look at the pictures and you'll see exactly what we indicate.